Camp Catch Up: Week 3

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Week 3 was our biggest week yet here at Camp NAC! We have all of our camps in session now that our Teen Travelers have joined up. Some highlights from this week include NACster’s trip to the Trenton Thunder stadium, an awesome performance by Diva Dance campers and more! See what else our campers enjoyed during the third week here at the best camp in Bucks County.
Half Day Specialty
The half day specialty camps offered this week were Sports of all Sorts, Whales Tales and Diva Dance.
Sports of all Sorts campers had a ball this week at camp! Each day, campers got to try out a different sport, in addition to creating some cool sports-themed crafts. One of the coolest crafts this week was when campers created their own sports trading cards, complete with a drawing of them playing their favorite sport from the week!
Whales Tales campers were at it again this week, practicing their swimming skills with our certified Aquatics team! Campers were able to end the week feeling a bit more comfortable in the water.
Our third half day specialty camp of the week was the new addition of half day Diva Dance camp! Campers learned a unique routine throughout the week in addition to playing fun dance games like Limbo, freeze dance, and musical chairs. On Friday, dancers performed for the NACster campers!
Full Day Specialty
The full day specialty camps offered this week were Diva Dance and Backyard Sports!
Our full day Diva Dance campers watched a ton of music videos by performers like Beyonce, Shakira, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and more! After seeing their favorite stars show off their moves, it was time to learn their own routine! Dancers, with the help of Hip Hop teacher Mr. Ski, practiced an amazing routine for their end of the week performance. Friday, the dancers got to show off their stuff to their parents!
Campers in Backyard Sports spent the week having fun and working together in all of their favorite backyard sports games. Campers played games including Wiffleball, kickball, frisbee, tag, and relay races. At the end of each day, campers participated in a big game after practicing all day long. What a fun way to spend the week outside!
Sports Camps
Gymnastics campers had so much fun in this week’s sports camp! They spent the whole week with our gymnastics coaches, building up skills and working to develop more strength and flexibility. Gymnasts had the opportunity to practice on all apparatus, including trampoline, floor exercise, uneven bars, balance beam, vault, rings and rope. We’re hoping to see some of our gymnastics campers back for some more fun next week!
Teen Camps
This was the first week for our Teen Travel campers! Teen campers went on two awesome field trips this week: the Trenton Thunder stadium for a tour and SkyZone!
This week, LITs had a blast learning all about this week’s theme – Goal Setting! This is a new theme for this summer, and LITs spent their week working on how to set SMART goals to help them stay on track to achieve their dreams. In addition, LITs got to take a trip with Camp NACster to visit the Trenton Thunder stadium. Our LITs did a great job this week helping younger campers and learning a lot!
Our NACster campers enjoy a different theme each day of the week to participate in a variety of activities.
On Monday, campers spent the day playing a variety of ice breaker games to get to know their fellow campers. Campers played games like the human knot, name chase, common link and more!
Tuesday was Dodgeball Day! Each group split up and faced off in everyone’s favorite camp game.
Spending some time away from Camp NAC on Wednesday, campers traveled to Arm & Hammer Park for an awesome tour of the home of Trenton Thunder minor league team. Campers even got to meet the Trenton Thunder mascot, Boomer! Campers can add on optional field trips every week in NACster.
Thursday was Jumbo Board Game day for all of our NACster campers. Campers played giant-sized versions of their favorite games like jumbo playing cards, jumbo connect 4, jumbo volleyball and more!
Campers and counselors looked a little funny with their clothes on backwards on Friday for Backwards Day! Campers played fun games like backwards tag, backwards freeze dance and more!
Visit the NACster Activity Calendar to see what Camp NAC has in store for the rest of the summer!
Our NAC STARS for Week 3 were Preston from Backyard Sports camp and Cassandra from half day Diva Dance camp!
Our boy NACSTAR is Preston from Backyard Sports camp! Preston is always nice to the other campers in his group. All week he was a great sport during all of the games played during camp. Great job, Preston!
Our girl NACSTAR is Cassandra! This is Cassandra’s first week as a Camp NAC camper, but definitely had an awesome week with us! She was never shy about showing off her moves in Diva Dance camp and was a good listener to her counselors.
This week’s Counselor of the Week was Mr. Dave H. Dave was with our NACster campers this week at camp. This is Dave’s first summer as a Camp NAC counselor and is doing a great job so far. All of the campers love Mr. Dave because he is very understanding and knows how to have fun! Keep up the great week Dave!
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