Camp NACster: Color Games

Color Games is our most action packed week in Camp NACster! It is a week long, ultimate field day experience!  First thing on Monday morning both campers and counselors were split into two teams, either blue or red. After teams are set, the week is full of friendly competition. Each age group has a blue and a read team, who play for points! Winner gets one point, while additional points are awarded for team spirit and good sportsmanship. To get each day started, we have counselor competitions like dodge ball, pie eating, tug-of- war, and more! The counselors try to get their teams as involved as possible by making up chants, cheers for their team, and supporting the other team as well! The field trip on Wednesday is to Tyler State Park where we will be playing several different field games and even have a picnic! The week is brought to an end on Friday where the counselors have their own dance off! After the counselors are finished showing off their moves, the campers get to show off some moves of their own! A DJ is brought in so we can have a camp wide dance party! Make such to dress up for your team! What side are you on? Team Red! Or Team Blue!