Camp NAC’s Camp Chant!

Here at Camp NAC, we love to get our campers super excited for their week of fun! Even though they have so many awesome activities to look forward to, some extra camp spirit is always helpful! There are many ways to get campers pumped, but our favorite is our Camp Chant!
Our Camp Chant is used to help fill our campers with Camp NAC spirit! This helps our campers come together and get enthusiastic about the week of camp they have in front of them. The more thrilled our campers are about the camp day, the more active and engaged they will be throughout the week, making camp more fun! Campers also love to do the Camp Chant every Friday morning after our Camper and Counselor of the Week ceremony.
Here are the words to our Camp Chant so that you can show your Camp NAC spirit all summer long!
Counselors: Do you campers have NAC spirit?!
Campers: Yes we do!
Counselors: Do you campers have NAC spirit?!
Campers: Yes! How about you?!
Counselors: Us counselors have NAC spirit, we bring it everyday, come on campers, take it away!
*All campers and counselors break out into a dance party!*