NACster Variety Camp!

NACster, our traditional-styled variety camp, strives to provide campers with a variety of games and activities every day. These activities are designed to give them a chance to experience new, different and exciting opportunities they might not have been exposed to in a typical day camp. Whether these activities are field trips to places they’ve never been, playing a game they’ve never played, or even participating in an activity they’ve never participated in, NACster is always sure to keep campers active and interested.
In fact, there are certain programs that we aim to offer our campers every week to do just that.
For instance, on Tuesdays, after all the campers are done being checked in and they complete their first themed activity of the day, they would then be instructed in a 30-minute Zumba class. This is a great way for our campers to get active, as well as experiencing something special and new. As most of our other special programs are, our Zumba class is particularly aimed to make sure our campers have a great time, every time.
Wednesdays are our camp field trips. Some trips from Summer 2015 include the aquarium, bowling, mini-golfing, and more! Visit the NACster Activity Calendar to see what other field trips are offered!
On Thursdays, a fitness trainer might come and give campers a brief instruction on different exercises to keep them active. While, they might not actually do these exercises on their own time at least they will do them once a week.
Another special we offer throughout the summer is a Boxing Class. Campers will learn the boxing basics in this fun-filled class. These action-packed exercises will not only make sure they have a good time, but will also keep them moving.
The main point of these programs is the same as the reason why we run camps the way we do, and that is to provide campers with a safe environment where they can grow as individuals, and trying a variety of different things allow them do just that.