Camp NAC and Youth Programs

Over the summer at Camp NAC, our campers get to experience the fun of the NAC’s youth programs classes. Not only are these activities fun and engaging, they also get your camper up and moving! Some camper favorites include Zumba, Fun Fitness, boxing, tae kwon do and gymnastics. Since summer is long gone and there are still plenty of games to be played, your camper can try out any of these activities at the NAC to relive all the summer fun! Check out the following classes that are just a taste of the full offerings of Youth Programs classes at the NAC in Bucks County!
Zumba – Zumba is an awesome way for kids to get moving while having fun. During the summer, campers love dancing along to popular songs. Sometimes, we even have a special day for Glow in the Dark Zumba! In youth programs classes, children will learn four different Latin American rhythms. In addition to learning the choreography to these dances, there will be group interaction through circle time and games.
Fun Fitness – It says it all in the name–this class aims to make fitness fun for campers of all ages! This class includes a variety of activities to enhance strength and cardiovascular fitness. Campers participate in games, obstacle courses, relay races, sports drills and more. This is a non-competitive environment where social skills and confidence will be enhanced.
Boxing – Some days, our NACster campers get to work on improving their boxing skills. This is a fun way for campers to get active and get some energy out in an constructive way. Through this activity, campers learn the basic fundamentals of boxing and build self-confidence. Your camper will learn proper jab, cross, hook, & upper cut combinations. Bag drills and conditioning will be incorporated in our training also!
Tae Kwon Do – TKD is an exhilarating sport that builds self-confidence and athletic ability. TKD provides an efficient approach to achieving your goals. At Camp NAC we offer an entire week of TKD in a specialty camp for campers to get a feel for how the real program runs. Instructed by Master Smith, President of TKD Pennsylvania and US Olympic Committee affiliate, campers in this camp will get a great foundation of TKD and have the ability to participate in this fun, but rewarding program.
Gymnastics – Campers at Camp NAC can participate in our gymnastics sports camp to spend their week learning how to flip, tumble, and roll! Campers of all levels are welcome to come give this awesome program a try. At the NAC, we offer two very different types of gymnastics programs. We offer recreational classes and also our competitive USAIGC team. Both programs represent an environment promoting strength, endurance, flexibility, confidence, fitness, and lastly, fun! Our recreational programs are fitting for anyone wanting to give gymnastics a try, but our competitive programs require an invitation to join after being evaluated by one of our qualified coaches.

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