What’s New at Camp NAC – Summer 2016

It may only be November, but at Camp NAC we are ready to go for Summer 2016! Every year, we try to make our camp better by adding new camps and programs, trying to find ways to make camp even more fun and stay one of the best camps in Bucks County. For Summer 2016, Camp NAC will be introducing 7 brand new camps, one new additional option, and a few revamped camps and programs. With so many new options for our campers to choose from, this is shaping up to be the best summer yet! Check out the new offerings we have planned for your camper this summer.
Half Day Specialty Camps:
Splash & Sport: After you work up a sweat, it’s time to make a splash this week at Camp NAC! Campers spend most of their day playing fun sports games, working together as a team, and learning new skills! After a long day of fun, campers can cool off in the NAC outdoor pool complex! Be sure to bring your swimsuit every day! All campers are required to wear a swimbelt unless otherwise specified by a parent.
Adventure Artists: Submerge yourself in a colorful world of creativity! These future artists will spend their days creating works of art inspired by the world around them. Campers will also get to spend time in the NAC outdoor pool complex splashing around and creating watercolor masterpieces! Be sure to apply sunscreen before each camp day, and bring a swimsuit! All campers will be required to wear a swimbelt unless otherwise specified by a parent.
It’s a Bug’s Life: Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from an ant’s point of view? Then this is the perfect camp for you! Campers will spend the whole week learning about nature! They will create crafts inspired by creepy critters, and even enjoy some dirt pudding with worms! From brilliantly beautiful butterflies to slow sleepy snails, campers will love exploring this world of nature!
Full Day Specialty Camps:
Amazing Race: Travel all around the world in this fun and exciting camp and see who will win The Amazing Race! Run, jump and adventure your way through all of the different obstacles each country has to offer. Campers will learn about other countries, cultures, foods and languages. Campers will spend their day playing games and stopping at roadblocks in this educational camp. The ultimate Camp NAC scavenger hunt will have your camper eager to go on a new world adventure. There can only be one winner, will it be you?
AbracaNAC: Abracadabra! Once you’ve grabbed your magic wand, and said the magic word, prepare to be amazed! During this week at Camp NAC we have a few tricks up our sleeve that campers will be able to learn on their own! Make a coin disappear into thin air and then triple the amount you started with! Campers will show off their spectacular tricks at our end-of-the-week magic show!
NACtive Gaming: Video games have invaded Camp NAC and it’s up to you to get to the highest level! Campers will be a part of a life-size video game this week at camp. Grab your team and get ready for battle in an exhilarating session of Laser Combat! Campers will get to create cool crafts and even design their very own game controller. Your task for the end of the week is to beat the game and become the highest scorer in this real life game of camp!
The Hungry Games: Who will volunteer as tribute to take on the hungry campers at Camp NAC? During this week, campers will learn what it takes to open their very own restaurant. From designing their own menu to serving up tasty treats, this week can’t be beat!  Campers will also get a tour of the NACafe and learn some new cooking techniques. At the end of the week, who will be declared the winner of the Hungry Games?
Fear Factor: The games you are about to play were carefully designed and put together by trained professionals. They are extremely FUN and should never be attempted by anyone, anywhere, anytime…unless you’re a Camp NAC camper. Don’t try this stuff at home!! Conquer your fears in several different obstacle courses, stunts and mental challenges. Find out once and for all if fear is a factor for you!
Additional Options: 
Summer Enrichment Program (3:00-4:30pm): Bring your own summer packet to this after-camp program where campers will challenge their brains. Campers who enroll in this enrichment program will have the opportunity to get help on their school summer packets. Certified teachers are available for everything from fractions and decimals to spelling and grammar. All ages and levels are welcome, but sign up fast because space is limited! A maximum of 15 campers can enroll per week.
LIT Program:
Formerly our CIT Program, the goal of our LIT Program at Camp NAC is to provide participants with the tools they need to become a great leader. Each week, LITs will learn different leadership and life skills that will help them in the future. By spending a portion of their day assisting one of our counselors, they will develop leadership skills and act as a role model for younger campers. In the afternoon, LITs will participate in an instructional period where they will work on the weekly theme. LITs won’t miss out on any of the fun because they will still be playing games of their own, participating in team activities, and swimming in the outdoor pool complex! This program is perfect for teens who have a genuine interest in working with kids and learning how to be a role model in their community.
New Sports Camps: 

-Flag Football


-Ultimate Frisbee