Camp Craft: AbracaNAC!

Next Friday, Camp NAC campers participating in our Spring Break School’s Out Camp will turn into magical wizards for the day! Campers in our Magic Camp will spend their day making their magic wands, learning how to make objects disappear into thin air and crafting these cool wizard hats. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own wizard hat, then sign up for Spring Break School’s Out Camp to give it a try!

Step 1: Grab your supplies! What you’ll need: Scissors, construction paper, something to decorate your hat with, paper plate, tape.
Step 2: Cut out the center of your paper plate with your scissors.
Step 3: Flip your plate over and decorate the bottom so the brim curves downward.
Step 4: Fold the two corners of your construction paper to create a cone. Tape the edges down to secure.
Step 5: Tape the paper plate to the inside of your cone to create a hat.
Step 6: Finish your decorations! Now you’re ready to start casting spells and brewing potions!