Unplug and Get Active at Camp NAC

Summer is the perfect time for kids to unplug and get active! After long school year of homework assignments, computers and constant cell phone use, campers can throw aside their technology and unwind at Camp NAC. As one of the best camps in Bucks County, Camp NAC knows that parents love when campers are able to engage with their peers through physical activity and fun games. Technology is often a huge barrier for children when it comes to interacting face-to-face, however camp is the perfect environment for kids to interact and form bonds of friendship.
We are proud that Camp NAC is a phone-free environment, for both counselors and campers. Having the ability to completely engage our staff and campers in the camp day activities without the distraction of phones and other technology is how our campers get a truly amazing camp experience. Everything from eating lunch as a group and playing circle games at check-in to sports games and arts & crafts, we keep campers constantly moving and engaged in new activities.
Our campers really reap the benefits of regular activity and exercise throughout their time at Camp NAC. From specials like fitness, yoga, and Zumba to just regular games that include running and jumping, like dodgeball and run the bases, campers definitely reach their daily recommended activity levels each day.
Unplugging at camp is the best way to ensure that our campers are getting the most out of their time at Camp NAC. Find out for yourself how much fun your camper can have when they unplug and get active at Camp NAC!

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