Thank You For A Great Summer!!

Dear Parents & Campers,
I just wanted to thank everyone for another amazing summer here at Camp NAC! This summer has left our counselors and campers with some amazing memories we will never forget. We are always sad to see summer come to an end, but we have so many fun activities to look back on. One of our favorite weeks of camp, as always, was Color Games! All of our NACster campers were divided up into teams and spent the week competing in fun Red Team versus Blue Team games and competitions. This summer we had a blast at our specialty camps including Robotic K’Nex, Star Wars, Pokemon, Crazy Crafts and more! We ended our last two weeks of camp with our directors as counselors! We had so much fun with our new counselors and were so grateful they were able to come out and help to celebrate the last weeks of summer with us.

Next summer, we are adding exciting new add-on’s including an on-call camp nurse along with central drop off locations from Doylestown to New Hope. In addition to these new add-on’s, our new camp themes include Tutus and Tiaras, Knights and Dragons, International Culinary, Farm to Table, The Escape Room and more!
I am always available for any questions, concerns or suggestions that you may have. We look forward to seeing our campers soon at our various School’s Out Camps!
Have a great school year!
See you all soon,
Amanda Brown
215-968-0600 x155