#CampCrew: Meet Sam

Every Wednesday, we feature a member of our Camp Crew! We love our team members and counselors and want our parents and campers to get familiar with our staff.
Our featured member this week is one of our returning team members, Sam Giacino. This is Sam’s second summer at Camp NAC and he absolutely loves it! He is a camp NACster counselor for the blue group and a marketing intern for this summer. Sam loves playing the games almost as much as the campers and you can be sure to see him constantly engaged in whatever is going on with his campers!
1)    What are you most excited for this summer at Camp NAC?
This summer I am excited to play games with all the campers, both new and those who are coming back. Color Games week in Camp NACster is my absolute favorite part of the summer. All of the campers and counselors rally behind their team color and it is a very fun week, full of games and friendly competition!
2)   What is your favorite camp memory?
Talent Show day in Camp NACSter was one of my favorite memories. Being able to see how talented all of our campers are was awesome, and watching the campers cheering and supporting each other was a very cool thing to be a part of. My singing performance was pretty stellar, if I may say so myself.
3)   If you were a camper, which Camp NAC camp would you want to enroll in & why?
If I was a camper I would want to be in Camp NACster. I may be a little biased, but with daily swimming, a field trip once a week, and a different camp theme each day it’s something I wouldn’t want to miss being a part of.
Sam is pumped to be back and is looking forward to all the fun we’re going to be having fun at Camp NAC!